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Do you despise wasting time? I do too. So with my 'inside connections ' I convinced Carl that he should pry some of his hard won music teaching wisdom out of his brain and put it down for the rest of us to benefit from. Not only that but I convinced him he should do it for free. (I LOVE FREE!)

Like you I have been out in the trenches trying to get good rehearsals out of less than enthusiastic music program participants. Teaching conditions,music budgets and materials were often subterranean. How about attempting to balance work,music teaching, and having a good life? Yep, like you I've been handling that one for a while too.

Carl Hammond's credits include conducting bands and orchestras, teaching music, performing on piano & trombone, musical composing, and arranging music on a worldwide stage. And he's done it for over 40 years, so there are definitely some things he can share that could make life better for the rest of the band music, jazz music, chamber music and music teaching populations.

With that idea we have put up a FanPage of all things musical that we have found useful. Musically interesting articles, links, audio and more are there to expand your mind. And please join in the fun with your contributions too.

Carl's Special Report along with other goodies is available if you subscribe here. You'll then have access to the Members Only sectionof our Fanbook. There's a whole set of Free Reports just for you! If this appeals to your enquiring mind hit 'special report'. Snippets of good usable music teaching advice will magically appear after your opt-in.


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Any Music Teacher Hunting for Band Music is most likely exhausted and underpaid!

You mean the above isn't news to you? We aren't surprised either, you are doing a tough job and music programs are almost always underfunded. We want to help you march your musicians towards some better modulations. Energizing repertoire can turn them into practicing fanatics making your job smoother than a greased trombone slide. And we feel you will find some concert band goodies to fit the bill below.

Band Music repertoire to captivate & invigorate both band players and audiences

So are you sick of the old chestnuts in the library but have no real money for new music? Having been teachers in the trenches ourselves we understand the problem. So........

How about a growing catalog of new riveting band music? with Lower Prices, Sample Score Pages and MP3s?

Explore the catalog of downloadable sheet music below ---and don't forget to sign up for access to our Members Only pages & your FREE Music Program Special Report

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