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Early Afternoon 2.0-2.5 $15 Composed by C Hammond ---- An easy 'soft rock' piece with plenty of cross cueing so it can be played by almost any combination of instruments. MP3 | Score Pages
Click go the Shears 2.5 -3.0 $15 Arranged by Carl Hammond ----Romantic folklore of Australian wool shearers led to this song from the early 1900’s. MP3 | Score Pages
Bushranger Galop 2.0 $15 Composed by Carl Hammond ----Outlaws in the outback.The technical demands are minimal. The challenge for a young band is to become acclimated to the frequent appearance of chromatic alterations. MP3 | Score Pages

Baroque Festival 2.0-2.5 $30 Arranged by C. Hammond ---- Four pieces by four Baroque masters arranged as a suite. MP3 | Score Pages

Level 2 Concert Band

These works are for the students iwith a little more experience under their belts. All the instrumentation is flexible and the keyboard part is written to be able to fill in for whatever you don't have.

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Sarabande & Bouree 2.5-3.0 $15 by G.F. Handel,arr. by C. Hammond ----Two well known Handel pieces. Very playable setting & a good piece to teach Baroque style. MP3 | Score Pages
Pitt Street Blues 2.0-2.5 $15 Composed by Carl Hammond ----Audience pleasing blues piece in a traditional Jazz style. Fun to work on and not difficult. MP3 | Score Pages

Giant's Revenge 2.0 $15 Composed by C Hammond ----Scary piece with ominous sounds from all sections. Popular with students MP3 | Score Pages

Tambourin 2.5-3.0 $15 by J. P. Rameau, arranged by C. Hammond ----An exciting arrangement of a popular piece by the great French master. MP3 | Score Pages
Waltz of the Munchkins 2.0-2.5 $15 Composed by C. Hammond ---- A pretty little tune for the young band. Useful in helping them with their legato playing. MP3 | Score Pages
Two Preludes 2.0 $15 by Chopin,arr. by C. Hammond ----A transcription of two of Chopin's most popular piano pieces. MP3 | Score Pages